applestrudel tart

in switzerland we are verly lucky to get all kinds of ready-made pastry in a very high quality. from puff to filo pastry - its just wonderful. i like them all but am a bit obsessed with filo pastry. i remember when i was at high-school (where we had the subject "cooking" - no joke!) i was the only girl that was able to roll out a filo pastry without making any holes. as soon as it was thin enough to read a newspaper through it - it was ready to work with it. if i was austrian, that would make me a woman worth to marry. at least this is was my teacher told me back then...
i had this ready made filo pastry in my fridge and for a few days i was wondering what to do with it. and then i came up with a recipe for an applestrudel tart. its pretty much the same as an applestrudel, but so much easier to assemble. and i just love it, when i can put a tart on a cakestand.


1 packet of ready made filo pastry (about 120g - 4-5 large sheets)
2 tablespoons of butter, plus more for greasing the tin

400g quark (try to get the full fat one)
180g creme fraiche
3 eggyolks
2 heaped tablespoons "vanilla-pudding powder" (the one you use for COOKING vanillacream)
140g vanillasugar*
75g raisins
a pinch of salt
4 sour apples (about 400g)
3 eggwhites
some icing sugar, to dust

generously butter a round cake tin (26cm), line bottom with parchment paper & heat oven to 170C°.
melt the butter in a small saucepan. place one square of filo pastry into tin and make sure ends are overlapping the tin-rim. brush with melted butter. continue to line tin until all the filo dough is used up (make sure you brush each square of filo with the butter!).
mix quark, creme fraiche, eggyolks, vanillapudding-powder, vanillasugar, raisins and salt in a large bowl until smooth. peel apples, core and grate directly into mixture so the apples wont turn brown. whip egg whites until stiff and carefully fold into the mixture. fill into the prepared tin. now fold the overlapping filo pastry over the mixture. brush with some melted butter and bake in the bottom of the oven for about 50 minutes until golden and mixture has set.
remove carefully from the tin and let cool on a cooling rack.

serve on a beautiful cakestand (and tie a ribbon around it, if you are as obsessed with them as me...), dust with icing sugar before serving.
eat as soon as possible. it only tastes this good fresh out of the oven!

*vanillasugar is very easy to make. mix about 500g of sugar with scraped out seeds of 2 vanilla pods. put in a blender and mix. stick vanillapods into sugar - put in jar, close and leave it for a few days. you will end up with the most delicious vanilla sugar you can use in cakes, coffee,...