kronenhalle galore

i promise, i am not posting this to make you jealous. but just to
prove, that the schnitzel actually is as big as the plate at "kronenhalle" in zürich. the girl with the rösti is my friend ivonne who was so lovely to invite me to this fabulous dinner! thanks i - you are the best!
if you ever make it to zürich - promise to come to kronenhalle with me. this place is just amazing. full of art (we had cocktails underneath an original picasso, no joke!), they have the kindest staff ("of course! we do serve tomato sauce with the schnitzel! - here is a bottle!") and very often there is either a duke, a rockstar, a designer (people say yves saint laurent sometimes has dinner at kronenhalle. all alone. but then, he must be just a little happy: having a rösti on his plate) or someone else you love to watch while having a glass of champagne. i usually go for a schnitzel, thats served with a cucumber salad with loads of dill. but whenever my friend christoph (the talented baker from berlin) is in town, we make sure we have lunch together and order a "mistkratzerli", which is a signature dish at the kronenhalle. it really is just a small chicken roasted with loads of garlic. we eat it all up and - oh bummer! - there is no space for the worldfamous-kronenhalle-mousse au chocolat. but then: thats just another reason to visit this wonderful, wonderful restaurant once again...


serves one hungry person
1 mistkratzerli / poussin (or just take the smallest chicken you can get)
2 tablespoons of fresh rosemary
2 garlic cloves, finelly sliced
seasoning: salt, paprika, oregano, pepper, 1 tablespoon butter
peanut-oil to fry
heat oven to 200 C°
mix all the ingredients for the seasoning and rub well into the birds skin. heat oil in an ovenproof skillet and brown the mistkratzlerli well on all sides.put into the oven and roast for about 40 minutes. douse mistkratzerli with oil from time to time, that keeps it moist and the skin crisp. take out of oven and let rest.
melt butter in a small saucepan, brown sliced garlic, add rosemary. serve mistkratzerli on a warm plate and drizzle with the garlic-butter.

recipe taken from the book "kronenhalle zürich" published by orell füssli, zürich