lazy gardener

usually, winters in zürich are just miserable. we are covered in fog from september to march and its raining cats and dogs. ok sometimes - like today... - the sun is out and the sky is the most beautiful light-blue. well - really just like heaven.
i tend to overload my apartment with some cheerful plants that keep me in a shiny-happy-mood during winter. apart from the roses that i always keep in my living room (must admit, the vase cost so much more than roses ever could - but i couldnt resist...), i started my little bright winter garden on my balcony. its something for the lazy gardener. just a few pots with these colourful cylamen (which means violets of the alps - i think its just lovely). they are amazing. its something below C° and they are still going strong - no signs of weakness or death of exposure!
really just fabulous to look at when you hang on the sofa, trying to beat the winter-zürich-blues with a piece of cake on a plate and ANOTHER episode of greys anatomy.