making fresh cheese II

i try not to bore you with my freshly-homemade cheeses but i am currently working on a radioshow thats all about homemade cheeses. we had the ricotta, here comes a simple, fresh cheese made of yoghurt. it's really easy as pie to make, you can add fresh herbs, fennel or cumin seeds and it tastes just so nice and fresh and lovely.

i am using & adapting a recipe from my friend silvana franco from london, she put it in her book "natural born fillers" (silvana, remember: this is the book we worked on when we had some quiet time. for like 2 seconds... still makes me laugh!). this is a "cheats version of the lebanese labneh cheese", she says. i just find it gorgeous!

500g greek yoghurt
1/2 teaspoon salt
fresh thyme or coriander seeds or fennel seeds
olive oil

add salt to the yoghurt and stir together. place a square of muslin or cheesecloth in a bowl and spoon in the yoghurt. gather ends together and tie firmly with string. suspend the yoghurt above a sink or deep bowl and leave overnight in a cool room. next morning you will be left with a soft cheese in the cloth. transfer to a bowl and stir in the fresh tyme and drizzle with olive oil. serve with pitta or any other delicious bread.