mcdreamysteamy madness

when i got up this morning, i REALLY wanted to start with the (much needed...) cleaning of my apartment. and i decided to finally put up the new lamps i got from ikea. all went well... and i was already praising myself what a good girl i was.until i wanted to switch the light on. - one blown fuse later there was no light at all. an no electricity either. well done - good job.
hours later i replaced my fuse and with my new found electricity i dont even think about hoovering. nah - i am in front of the telly. with the latest episode of mcdreamysteamy and a drowning meredith on greys anatomy. if you watch this: make sure there is a pack of hankies and a big piece of chocolatecake near.

PS: - it does take some time to download. but you always get the latest episodes of greys and all the other wonderful US-series as soon as they aired in the states.