my julia

i remember the first time i saw julia child on tv. i was sitting in bed, in a wonderful hotel in the soho-neighbourhood in new york city, eating some delicious rugelachs i bought from DEAN AND DELUCA (i sometimes eat that stuff for breakfast - isnt it just too good to wait until dessert?) and i had my usual early-morning food-network tv-session. i didnt like her at first. as a radiojournalist you focus on voices. and i didnt like hers. but the way she presented the recipe, her adorable kitchen and her witty and fun remarks simply glued me to the telly. i couldnt stop. and even cancelled a brunch-date the next day so i could watch her again.
last summer i discovered a beautifully designed bookcover. covers count everything to me. the book doesnt necessarily have to be good - as long as the cover looks good: i am in (but of course also like to read really good books, even when the cover looks horrible.). it was julie powells book "julie and julia, 365 days 1 tiny apartment kitchen". the story of a young woman trying to save her soul and cook her way through julia childs "mastering the art of french cooking I". oh - a beautfiul book, a fun and witty story where you feel with her about gone-wrong mayonnaise and butter drenched meals. with that book, i rediscovered julia child! (i was a bit mad about martha stewart in the meantime because she wrote this amazing baking book i had to work my way through...). after i finished the book, i spent hours on the webpage from the smithsonian museum in washington DC, where her wonderful kitchen is displayed. ("). check it out - its full of joy - just like julia!
i just bought myself another julia-book: baking with julia written by the talented writer dorie greenspan. a book filled with an extraordinary variety of breads, beautiful pastries and an apple cake i think i would die for. i am baking it tomorrow and will tell you all about it. why dont you hurry and get yourself a copy of these books, too? - i promise. the world of julia child is all about having a wonderful time in the kitchen.

BAKING WITH JULIA - sift, knead, flute, flour, and savor..., by dorie greenspan, published by morrow cookbooks
JULIE AND JULIA - 365 days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen, julie powell, published by little, brown and company