sweet tooth

i know, i know i have been raving about this book way too much. but it is just fabulous. i end up reading it every single night and - whoops... its one o clock in the morning again.
i love their attention to detail. nowadays - where most breads and croissants are pre-baked - this book is so refreshing and encouraging to bake your own bread and pastries. i even decided to give a hand at self made croissants. i know i must be mad but the thought of working with this buttery, wonderful dough is just too tempting.
so this book is a must for every home-baker out there. you will love their soft and buttery brioches, fresh fruit tart, lemon meringue cake not to mention their banana cream pie. wonderful photographs whisk you into their san francisco based bakery. oh - this is just fabulous!
i am making their gougères tonight and promise to post this wonderful recipe, soon.


TARTINE, by Elisabeth M Preuitt and Chad Robertson, published by Chronicle Books
TARTINE bakery at 600 guerrero street @ 18th, San Francisco