italian centre piece - made of trash cans!

janelle, a lovely and fun dutch woman (wat leuk!) who is totally into tomatoes created this wonderful blog called talk of tomatoes. and once a month the centrepiece of the month competition is on. something i cant miss! not that i have too much time on my hands... but once i got guests at my house, i just have to make sure there is something nice and decorative on the table, too. this one is perfect for an italian evening, since you can use your empty tomato tins. now how cool is that to make a superduper centre piece with cans out of the trash? those tomato tins come in all kinds of designs and are just lovely to look at. i used all kinds of flowers - but if a tiny little thymepot from your balcony is all you have, just put it into the tin. some leftover rosemary springs with roses in full bloom work well, too. if you are not the flower type of person, simply put forks and spoons or some grissinis into the tin and place them all over the table. mix small and large tins and put on a nice, white tablecloth - i always use old blankets from my grandma, looks wonderful!