light vanilla cheesecake

this one is done in a dash and - without any of the super-fat cream cheese - just so light (in calories...) and delicious. if you want to go "super low-calories", reduce the amount of sugar. but maybe add some grated lemonzest for flavour.
i will serve it with some hot berries tonight. but honestly - i cant wait for the fresh berries to arrive. nothing - but really nothing but a ton of fresh raspberries, strawberries and blueberries - make this cake the most wonderful, delicious dessert.

200g cottage cheese
350g ricotta
500g quark (curd cheese)
2 tablespoons cornstarch
200g vanilla sugar*
4 eggs
2 tablespoons raisins

heat the oven to 160c°
put the cottage cheese, ricotta, quark, cornstarch and sugar in a food processor, puls to combine and - while the motor is running - add the eggs, one at the time. pulse until smooth. dont overmix this - or the eggs will add so much volume that you will end up with a soufflé! stir raisins into mixture and pour in a 20cm round (greased or lined!) caketin.
bake for 50-60 minutes until golden. turn the oven off, leave the door ajar and let the cake inside the oven to cool. this will prevent it from collapsing - which you really dont want to happen - wouldnt look cute like that.
remove from tin and serve with fruit compote.

*if you havent got vanilla sugar, use 200g of normal caster sugar and scraped out seeds of 1-2 vanilla pods. (put those pods in a jar with sugar after you scraped the seeds out. close jar and let infuse for about 2 weeks. you will end up with a wonderful vanilla sugar. easy-peasy and so delicious, isnt it?)