swiss easter tart

when johanna from the passionate cook gave a shout out about the "waiter, there is something in my... easter basket!" i just had to join the competition. it was simply the best excuse to make an easter tart. this one is a traditional swiss easter-tart made with rice (of course! its all about fertility.. hence the bunnies) and a wonderful hint of lemon.we dont really do much on easter. good people go to church, bad girls stay home (me!) and eat loads and loads of chocolate bunnies. i always have the same. since i was a little girl i trust migros and their wonderful, delicious "mahony" chocolate bunny. thats 500g of the finest swiss chocolate with bits of honey and crunchy almond. if you are having a bad day you eat its ass off first. i always start with the ears (cos really: easter is usually a good day, isnt it? - sleep in... eat loads. what more can you ask for?). the easter tart is something we would have for tea. or right after those 2,3 bunnies we usually eat before the good people come back home from church.


about 320g ready made pate brisée sucrée rolled out and fitted into a 30cm round tart tin with remoavble buttom

50g camolino rice
3,2 dl milk
30 g butter
50 g sugar
50 g ground almonds

put all the ingredients in a saucepan and cook together till thick, stirring from time to time. place in a bowl and leave to cool.

3 eggs, separated
1 tsp baking powder
50 g raisins
1 packet of vanilla sugar
zest of one lemon
another 2 tablespoons of sugar, if desired...

beat egg white and baking powder until stiff. add raisins, vanillasugar, eggyolks and lemonzest. mix with cooled filling and spread over dough. bake in preheated oven at 220c° for 20-30 minutes. when cool, dust with icing sugar.

at its best on the day it's made.