avocado mousse

get your mousse on! was tartelette's cry for more mousses. i wanted to make a sweet mousse for the "hay hay it's donna hay"-event. so i was thinking chocolate mousses, lemon mousses, mousses with crunchy stuff in it...
while i was pottering around thinking about the sweet stuff, i found some avocados that looket a bit sad in my fruitbasket. so - no chocolate today! we are doing a fine avocado mousse that's perfect for a sunday brunch with fresh toast and some nice smoked salmon. this one is creamy and kinda lemony & fresh at the same time. and perfect if you got some ripe but neglected avocados sitting in your fruitbasket.


3 ripe avocados
3 small spring onions, finely diced
juice of one lime
about 70g cream cheeese
a generous pinch of cayenne
freshly ground pepper

smoked salmon
baguette or fresh toast, for serving

peel avocados and remove the stone. spoon out the flesh and put in a mixer. add spring onions, limejuice, cream cheese and mix until smooth (must admit i like it to be a little chunky, even if it's a mousse. i just like the texture of chunky avocado - do as you like!). season with cayenne and freshly ground pepper. refridgeate at least one hour before serving.
then serve with smoked salmon and fresh baguette or toast.