breakfast in a glass

if you are a nutritionist, you probably will get a chill in a minute. thing is: i can't eat breakfast before i head out of the house in the morning. it just doesn't work. i tried fresh fruit, the usual bread and jam, cornflakes and cereal; but no, i just can't do it! as soon as i sit in the bus on the way to the studio my stomach starts to grumble and i get dizzy and all that. the only thing that really works in the morning is a glass of ice-cold diet coke (dont scream! - i don't drink coffee and that caffeine rush needs to come from somewhere!). very often, when i have a meeting early in the morning or meet friends for brunch i get this disturbed and sometimes very concerned look, when i order my diet coke. they give me this kind of patronizing look that says something linke "...poor little thing, don't you know diet coke is not for breakfast?".
but still - it is diet coke for me. or: a raspberry smoothie! this somehow works since its liquid, but still very nourishing and just delicous (just look at the colour - it's pink, what more can a girl ask for?). i discovered this smoothie when i lived in amsterdam. that was a time when i made it a rule to have a piece of applecake a day, lay in bed until 11 every morning and read at least 1 book in 2 days. so it was perfect bliss. and this smoothie was so yum - i sometimes even had it for lunch. or dinner.

since it is quite nourishing (there is two hands full of berries, a banana, yoghurt and juice) count this as a snack or a little lunch (ok, that would be a tiny lunch, but you know what i mean). i know it's tempting to have this with a stack of pancakes or a buttery croissant. you can do so. it just wouldn't be very healthy any more. and probably woun't count as an entry to sweetnicks antioxidant rich food event.
so stay away from croissants when you whiz this one up. don't worry if you haven't got any raspberries - blueberries, strawberries or any other berry works fine, too. really just throw in whatever is sitting in your fruitbowl.


300g raspberries (if frozen, defrost first)
1 ripe banana
about 300g plain yoghurt
about 500ml orange juice

put fruit and yoghurt in a blender and top up with orange juice until nicely covered. whiz - add more juice if too thick. drink asap.
keeps in the fridge for about a day (make sure you cover it with clingfilm!).