centre piece of the month april

again - i am using trash for my centre piece. empty tomato tins last month - broken vases this time. one of my alltime favourite vases got a little crack and i just didnt wanna throw the vase away. it's just a tiny crack and one can always use a vase for other things than flowers, right?

so i just turned my broken vase into a little "lantern". all i did was decorate the glass with some decorative stickers. you can get these stickers at arts and crafts stores. or you can try atelier lzc, they have a wonderful collection of lovely stickers & sell worldwide. did the same with another vase (intact!) that i filled with red tulips and ready was my centrepiece. since the colours of the red stickers and the flowers were so vibrant i kept the rest of the table simple. white tablecloth, white china - but some lovely red & white gingham check napkins. easy peasy and a joy to look at.