deluxe rose salt & sugar

pink is my favourite colour. so vibrant. so lovely. it was just obvious that i had to have this salt, when i discovered it a couple of years ago on a farmers market. little did i know how to use it correctly - and seasoned pretty much everything from cauliflower to green salads with it.
i recently discovered a recipe for rose salt in the wonderful new book "aroma pur" of swiss chef tanja grandits, where she introduces the reader into her wonderful world of spices. realizing this wonderful rose salt was really just a blend of fleur de sel and rose pedals - i dashed to the kitchen and whizzed it up - it was done within 2 minutes. now how good is that for something so lovely?

this delicate salt adds a tender & sensual note to various meals. it's the perfect spice for lamb, fish, rice, goes pretty much with every vegetable and adds a wonderful flowery flavour to couscous.


40g fleur de sel or sea salt
about 8g biological, dried rose pedals*

put rose pedals & salt in a small standmixer and whiz until it resembles fine sand. it will turn pink during this process.

keeps in small glass jar for about 6 months.


here is another rose-recipe: rose-sugar. it is wonderful to sweeten a fruitsalad or just sprinkle a little bit on top of cookies or madeleines.


about 10g biological dried rose pedals
40g sugar

rub dried rosepedals between your fingers until fine. mix with sugar and keep in a preserving jar.

*dried rose pedals are available at health stores & some pharmacies. make sure they are biological and not treated with any pesticide!

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