dill mustard sauce

euw - i wouldn't wanna be a fish this weekend. with good friday coming up and all those trouts frying in the pans and easter sunday with familiy brunches and loads of smoked salmon on the plate. since i am not fish, but hungry girl i decided to make a big batch of dill mustard sauce that goes so well with fish (note for my sister: better buy loads of smoked salmon. i will carry a big pot of this sauce along on sunday!). i am also joining the fabulous weekend herb blogging again. this weekend, it's hosted by the lovely Anh from food lover's journey . so here is a sauce that is very quick and easy to make, keeps for at least 3 weeks in the fridge and makes a nice present for the host of your easterbrunch, too! make sure your vineggar is not too sour - i always use a herb vinegar thats mild.


400g mild mustard
250g sugar
150ml plain yoghurt
280 ml vineggar (use a milder one)
80g fresh dill, nicely chopped

mix all ingredients in a bowl and taste. if its a bit too spicy, add more yoghurt or a pinch of salt if you are missing some flavour.

keeps in an airtight container for about 3 weeks in the fridge.