yorkshire puddings

i remember the concerned looks i got, when i told my boss i wanted to take a time-out from the radio and move to england for 2 months - to cook! why would i wanna go to england to cook? why not italy or france? - at least that's where good food comes from. why on earth would i wanna learn more about cooking in the land of fish and chips and baked beans?
becaaaause - was my answer. and booked my flight.
once in london i enjoyed the early mornings at borough market where i even discovered a girl that travelled all the way from a hidden valley in the swiss mountains to sell her cheese in london. i fell in love with roasted lamb, with pies and custard tarts. and i learned loads. the lovely gils from fork ltd teached me how to make food look good in a picutre and why sometimes a jar of marmite can work wonders if you stand in front of a camera and a roasted chicken (it gives that extra tan).
i had a thing for roastbeef for a long time, already. but discovering those delicious and crunchy yorkshire puddings that come a long with it was worth the trip (and the money... i returned home rotten!).
so i am more than happy to help sam at becks & posh tell the world that british food is not as bad as people say it is. those freaks have never had a yorkshire pudding. no way!

PS: more on how good british food is, tells my adorable friend angela boggiano in her new book PIE. her apple pie with cheese pastry, sausage rolls and pork and pancetta pies are IMPOSSIBLE to resist.


makes about 9

300ml whole milk
120g flour
3 large eggs
a pinch of salt
sunflower oil, for baking
muffin tin

heat oven to 220 c°.
mix milk, flour, eggs and salt, cover and let rest for about an hour. fill each cup of the muffin tin with about 0.5cm of sunflower oil. put in hot oven for about 10 minutes until the oil is flippin' hot. take out and carefully (hot oil!) ladle the mixture into the muffin tin. bake in the middle of the oven for about 20-25 minutes until crisp and golden. it's tempting, but dont open the oven while those yorkshire puddings are baking. they are like a little soufflé and would collapse in a sec.

serve hot with roasted lamb, chicken or roastbeef.