browniebabe of the month round 2!

oh it was just pure bliss and deliciousness! our first round of browniebabe of the month. lisa from la mia cucina did an amazing job with her lemon mousse brownie and was therefore crowned first browniebabe of the month. here is round number two!
i am sure you all know a thing or two about brownies: they are quick and easy to make but soft, sticky, fudgy and chocolatey when they come out of the oven - there is just nothing quite like a brownie. it's just the ultimate anytime treat. wheither you like to bake them with nuts, fruits, white or dark chocolate - join the event!

all you need to do is bake a fudgy, nice and delicious brownie, then post about it on your blog (please make sure you include a recipe so others can bake your delicious stuff, too!), including a link to this post so that people know what the event is about and where it came from. feel free to use the pic, too.

once you’ve baked and posted about it send an email with "browniebabe of the month" in the subject line to: onceuponatartATyahooDOTde by sunday 10th of june with the following information:

• your name
• your location
• the name of your blog and its URL
• a link to your post

last day for all entries is the 10 th of june. i will crown a winner (and post about all the delicious stuff you baked of course!), that will be awarded with a personal "browniebabe of the month" apron. now go get your brownietrays out and have some browniebatter flying around in your kitchen.

browniebabes of this world - come and join!

cant wait! *myriam

ps: blondies count, too!