peppermint sugar

this weeks weekend herb blogging hosted by kalyn this week is all about peppermint. well known for it's healing power (funny tummy, nasty cold) it's also a wonderful little plant for the kitchen. peppermint goes very well with chocolate, adds a fresh flavour to salads (think taboulé!) or is wonderful and cooling in a yoghurt-drink. i recently discovered chocolate-peppermint or a very lovely apple-peppermint-plant on the farmers market. all in all - just a wonderful, refreshing herb!
i often mix peppermint leaves with some sugar to season a simple fruit salad. this scented sugar goes very well with pineapple, apples and pretty much every berry there is. since it's got a very strong flavour, you will need a lot less sugar than usual.


70g sugar
a hand full of fresh peppermint leaves

put ingredients in a blender and whiz until well mixed and peppermint is finely ground. sprinkle on top of fresh fruit.

keeps in an airtight glass for about 2 months.