proudly presenting: browniebabe of the month!

when i started browniebabe of the month i thought: well - some more brownie recipes cant harm anyone. with SOME i meant a couple with nuts, one or two with creamcheese and maybe another one with dried fruit or something. instead, i ended up with this very long list of entries to the first round of browniebabes and i am totally amazed & overwhelmed by all your wonderful work. you all went crazy with loads of chocolate and some of you even skipped your bikini-diets to take part. good job you all. here is a (quite long...) list of all your fabulous, delicious, fudgy brownies! and last but not least - see who became browniebabe of the month april!
new round of browniebabes starting soon! all info will be posted on this blog. now make yourself a cup of tea and have a look at all this deliciousness!


amy from nook & pantry did a wonderful job with her nutella brownies. i mean how much chocolate can you put in a brownie - right: never enough! she went even further and used it as a sandwich for icecream. good job, amy!

my friend, the lovely silvana franco from landcrofthouse.blogspot is a proper food-writer (and food-tv-rockstar in the UK!!!), so it wont come as a surprise that her brownies look just YUM. she made some caramel ripple brownies. meaning: 2/3 brownie 1/3 caramel cheesecake. can anybody resist?

sue from los angeles at yee design got it just right. sometimes, when life is a real b****, a tray of delicious full fat brownies is all that might help. still: she only used 2 tablespoons of butter and ended up with this little darling here: (that is the brownie, not the bird on the plate ;-)

the lovely ruth from once upon a feast is such a smart girl. she baked some brownies to bribe friends and family who helped her move (let me guess...) the 100 000 cookbooks in her kitchen from toronto to halifax. her brownies are a "tribute to katherine hepburn brownies". oh i just love the sound of this.

maria from rochester NY over at passionfruit and mangos has got some fond memories when it comes to brownies: it was the first cake she ever baked by herself. 13 years later she presents her mocha and white chocolate chip brownies. - do it like maria: get your kids in the kitchen to bake some brownies!

the sweet stuff minko at couture cupcakes presents will make you wanna lick your screen: wildberry and enchinacea tea brownies. since a brownie a day keeps the doctor away, she baked them for her darlings when they were sick. she baked them in cupcake papers, since she is a cupcake girl. one that prooves: brownies can be medicinal!

ashley from ashleys travel has a tiny kitchen but still manages to have brownie batter flying all over her cute little kitchen. she is revealing her killer recipe for a nice and smooth brownie. oh this must taste like a slice of heaven!

freya from writing at the kitchentable mixed some maltesers into her brownie batter. what a great idea. i can imagine the cracking sound this makes, when you eat this brownie. and take a look what a big tray full of brownies she made? - freya, do you deliver to switzerland?

the next brownie comes from the land of the beer champions: ireland! kieran from ice cream ireland made a wonderful brownie, using kahlua, which is a mexican liqueur.

katherine from toastpoint seems to be a high profile browniebabe. she was baking those little darlings pictured below in the middle of the night and even hosted a mini brownie party with one visitor sporting a chic pijama and gold ballet flats (i got some gold ballet flats, too. can i join you next time? i will wear pijama!). take a look at her deliciuos brownie. and don't forget to read the hillarious quote about baking from hillary clinton she posted on her blog.

kelly jane is cooking the books and baking a french chocolate brownie for us. it's a recipe by our all super-baker-rockstar dorie greenspan. and i think we should make it a rule to always top our brownies with some whipped cream. just the way kelly did it...

y from sidney made some little chocolate brownie cakes. look - they look tiny! but i am sure this means we could all eat more! her brownie is a trimuph of simplicity. and i am sure so are her marc jacobs shoes, she was writing about in the same post. y: shoes and brownies - girl you are one of us!
brilynn from jumbo empanadas got it right: a lot of good things start with b: beach, bacon and brownies. and bananas! she mixed them into her brownies and look how they turned out. i think - b like beautiful!

the lovely janelle from talk of tomatoes is not just a fun girl but a pretty talented brownie baker, too! she made a bowlful of blissful brownies. and serves them with a scoop of vanilla icecream. oh yum, oh yum!

jin hooi lim is a first time brownie baker and look how good they turned out: simple but full of chocolate flavour. jin - good job. cant wait for your second brownie!

maya from israel is joining the event with a fudgy little number. unfortunately my hebrew is almost unexisting (apart from buba and that fun little word for chatterboxes) so i am left droling over her beautiful picture. i could eat this. unbaked. just lick it out of the tin.

anne from anne's food presents a wonderful combination: banana espresso brownies with figs. what a great combination! and figs in a brownie is something i have never seen before. will have to bake them, to find out how they taste. good job, anne!

taras blog is called: should you eat that? when it comes to her brownies, i have to say: you definitely should. check out her peanut butter topped brownies.

i love lauras request: pour some sugar on me! please do - those cashew nut topped brownie are impossible to resist!

jessica at small time cooks has a copy of martha steward's everyday food on her desk, too. and those everyday food-girls seem to be browniebabes, too. at least the cover story is all about our delicious little cake this month. inspired by everyday food jessica made an almond mocha brownie for us.

katie from apple & spice made some brownies as a "thank you" gift (love this idea!). her gooey chewy choc chip brownies seem to be the best thank you-gift in the whole wide world.

helen from tartelette is baking queen. and it didnt come as a surprise that her brownies look like straight sent from heaven! well, they are actually from ina garden (love her, love her! she always uses at least one stick of butter in EVERYTHING!). check them out, they have some salted butter chocolate caramels in it. outrageous! but wonderful!

while musing in her kitchen, li from australia came up with a dreamy cream cheese brownie. personally i believe the cream cheese brownie is the queen brownie. li seems to be a queen browniebaker: look how beautiful they look!!!

kristen from something sweet made a goji brownie, using a chocolate that sounds just awesome to me: chocoa, goji berries and a hint of pink himalayan salt. chocolate with a salty kick. sounds very gourmet to me!

eliza from notes from my food diary came up with a delicious chocolate coffee bean brownie. and i thank her for that. because she was trying not to eat sweets in a week. (which i think is a bit of a silly goal - eliza: you need sweets! it's not fun without sugar!!;-)

more delicious sweet stuff comes from brigitte from küchendunst in singapur. she shares her recipe for a danube wave brownie with buttercream. look at this sweet little number:
zorra from 1xumrühren bitte wanted to loose some weight and not take part in browniebabes of the month. then she changed her mind. skipped her bikini-diet and made these delicious dulce de leche brownies. good job zorra! definitely worth skipping a diet!

susan is a well seasoned cook and seems to know a thing or two about brownies. i cant imagine it any other way - because she came up with this killer recipe for a fire-breathing brownie. keep your fire drencher close!

jacqueline from london wants everything to be in white in her blog. but made some heavenly good-looking-finger-lickin' rainbow marble brownies for us. look - rows and rows of brownies!

virtual frolic baked a wonderful supernatural brownie for us. she was inspired by a new york times recipe. and that is - always - a good omen!

karen from family style food came up with a quite sophisticated recipe for a brownie: brown sugar brownies with french sea salt. wow! take a look at a decent chocolate fix:

anh's blog food lovers journey is always worth a visit. her pictures are wonderful, her recipes inspiring and anh herself just a lovely person. she was hesitating with the brownie. and called it "sitting on the fence". no need to, when you look at this perfect crust!

chris at mele cotte proves: brownies can look too cool for school. topped with cherries and a beautiful decoration: this brownie is an absolute must for me!

rachel from coconut & lime baked a smooth little brownie with macadamia nuts. fine crumb, glossy surface - job very well done!

anuhea wrote us all the way from hawaii! and she had a confession to make: she is a browniebabe. yep - she is, just look at her triple chocolate brownies with a hint of vanilla.

erika from winsconsin is a supermom and a super browniebaker. her white chocolate brownies are definitely worth of the title tummy treasure (which is the name of her blog!).

jes from atlanta is a cupcakepunk but still loves brownies. she baked some super easy, gooey vegan brownies for us. soymilk and vegan butter do the trick. i loooooove meat, but would eat one of these brownies ANYTIME!

haalo from cook almost anything at least once is one of my all time favourite bloggers in the whole wide world. wonderful pictures, great food, fun writing and all in all just a lovely blog. her chocolate, almond and white chocolate brownies make no exception. lovely, isnt it?

mallow in seattle made some spicy hot brownies. i agree: chewy is good in a brownie. check out the recipe at sweet and savoury.

what you see is what you get! is cookie baker lynn's credo. i am sure, you get a slice of heaven with her triple layer trustworthy brownies. ganace layer, buttercream layer and a brownie layer. 3 in 1. lynn i love your recipe!

all you single girls out there - look! kim from made some "man catcher brownies"!!! go bake and catch one!

smita had a good year so far. she had flowers on her desk. - twice! and a dead good fudgy brownie that was topped with some strawberries. good omen for the rest of the year, i'd say...

another brownie comes from deborah from taste and tell. the brownie sounds like a fairy tale. listen to this: disappearing marshmallow brownies. they are actually blondies but they count, too. fun recipe, thanks for sharing!

another blondie was baked by küchenlatein in germany. it's a very classic recipe she did - i think its a fabulous recipe you can change just the way you would want or dreamed it to be. dankeschön!

katie from other peoples food had a pretty good easter brunch this year. at least this is what i have to assume, when i look at her gorgeous black bottom brownies. she baked them like little cupcakes. oh - yes: they got cream-cheese in it! yes! yes!

oh and this one is fun (but nothing to eat!) the girls from perlenküche (which means pearl-kitchen) from basel in switzerland made a brownie ring! look - it's jewellery! and sweet as a brownie.

hello ohio! hello browniebabe of the month. lisa from la mia cucina came up with such a wonderful recipe. i had to bake it the minute i finished reading her post. its a lemon mousse brownie, its lovely, its fudgy and moist and just packed with flavour and sweetness. really just a perfect brownie. and i hope you all agree: definitely worth the title of the bronwiebabe of the month! congrats lisa - well done!!! i am sure you will look like one hot browniebabe in the apron... enjoy and send us a picture.

everyone else - thank you so much for joining the event! still overwhelmed by all your hard work and enthusiasm and all your lovely brownie recipes. dont be sad about the apron. there will be another one next month. more browniebabes will be crowned, soon! come back and find all the info about browniebabes on this blog very soon.
please excuse all mis-spellings in this post (i got the worst hay-fever ever, my eyes are a mess and i am blind as a bat today), please let me know if i have forgotten to include your entry or if a link to your blog doesnt work.
thank you all and lotsa love!!!