rhubarb compote with ginger & vanilla

i am a nervous wreck! i am leaving for the US in about 30 hours and of course i havent done all the jobs i wanted to do before leaving the country. my apartment looks like a mess, my laundry is not cleaned and folded and ironed, my dishes are piling up high in the sink and my fridge is full of food. food someone needs to eat - it will all have gone bad by the time i will return from my fabulous trip to new york and washington DC.
so i started with the rhubarb (there is still about a kilo of cheese, loads of fresh pesto, salad, radishes, tomatoes,... in there - i could feed a family of 10!). i felt the colour would be good to calm my nerves (pink makes you happy, doesnt it?) and the sweet but slightly sour aroma of rhubarb would put me in a good mood (and finally make me iron those shirts...). a rhubarb compote is easy to make and delicious with some vanilla custard or simply - this is how i love to eat it - mixed into some creamy greek yoghurt. i like to think of it as the perfect breakfast before boarding an airplane that will fly me to the other end of the world. oh - i cant wait!


15 stalks of rhubarb
3oog sugar
1 vanilla bean, split & seeds scraped out
150ml water
about 9 slices of ginger, peeled

greek yoghurt
a hand full of granola

put all ingredients in a pan and heat gently over a low heat until sugar has melted and the rhubarb has started to release its liquid content. turn up heat and allow to simmer for about 10-15 minutes, until the rhubarb is soft. taste (careful, extremely HOT!) and add more sugar if necessary.
let cool, then remove the ginger (will be super spicy, if you eat this in your rhubarb). serve at the bottom of a little glass or cup with yoghurt and top with granola.

rhubarb compote can be refrigerated for up to 4 days.