creamy farfalle with smoked salmon

cravings for creamy pasta is something i have 24/7. as much as i like a decent sugo - for me, it's got to be rich and creamy. also - because a creamy sauce for a pasta dish is mostly done in a dash and doesnt need much to simply taste wonderful. maybe a pinch of salt, some freshly ground pepper - a dash of fresh herb. done!
the same applies for this humble little dish - my creamy farfalle with smoked salmon, a recipe i happily share with my gals over at ruth's presto pasta night.
its so quick to make, i almost feel like a cheater, when i call it cooking. you will only need little ingredients but at the end you will have a delicious creamy pasta dish that - at least i - could eat every single day of the year.


about 300g farfalle (bow-tie pasta)
salt and freshly ground pepper
1 small red onion, finely sliced
some heavy or light cream
a hand full of fresh basil or dill, coarsely chopped
about 200g smoked salmon, cut in fine cubes

cook pasta in a large pot of boiling water until al dente. add onion and immediately drain pasta, then return to the pot. add some cream (be generous but you dont want your farfalle to swim in the cream...), basil and salmon to the pot, stir so the thin sauce coats the pasta well. season lightly with freshly ground pepper and a pinch of salt. serve asap.