puntalette salad with water melon & goats cheese

i am a small person, so i like all things tiny. such tiny things as puntalette. mostly used in soups, i use it as a tiny pasta for this weeks presto pasta night in my refreshing summer salad: my puntalette salad with water melon and goats cheese.
i'd like to give you deccent recipes, but find it very hard to give exact measurements for this recipe. really, just throw in as much of the ingredients as you like. but since the puncalette are so tiny, make sure you dice and cube everything in tiny, cute little pieces. you dont want them to compete with the pasta, do you? - now go and enjoy summer!


puntalette, cooked al dente & cooled
cucumber, peeled & cut in tiny cubes
water melon, cut in tiny cubes
dried tomatoes, finely diced
spring onions, finely diced
olives, finely diced
basil, finely diced
some fresh goats cheese, torn in small pieces

250ml olive oil
125ml red wine vineggar
1 tablespoon runny honey
juice of half a lemon

mix all ingredients for the sauce and pour a couple of tablespoons over the salad. rest of sauce keeps in the fridge for about a week.