the sweetest thing - arragoste

the domestic goddess (nah, not nigella, the other one) aked us this month to post about our sweetest thing. desserts we cant imagine living without, the stuff that smells like home and all the beautiful sweet desserts we crave when sugar levels are low or a broken heart needs to be fixed.
this sweet little arragoste is my number one craving - my sweetest thing, my number one thought whenever i try to watch my nutrition and weight. it's the first thing i buy when i am back from a long trip (dontcha feel very hangover after a long flight, too? - here is how i fix it!) and my number one dessert when friends and loved ones come over for a cup of coffee.

this rich little thing is made of filopastry and pate à choux, that's filled with a heavenly soft vanilla pastry creme, that's pimped up with some whipped cream. i am not telling you this, because i have baked these for an endless time in my kitchen... - unfortunately i havent been able to find a decent recipe to make my sweetest thing myself.
anne from a food lovers journey made something very similar not a long time ago. she called them mini seashell pastries and they look just wonderful and are filled with ricotta.

now here is the thing: if you happen to be italian. and if you have forgiven me for replacing the bechamel sauce with mascarpone in the lasagne, for putting all kinds of un-italian spices into my tomato sugo (and for not cooking it as long as i am supposed to do...), then please hear my cry for help....

... is there a nonna in your family, one that has a recipe for these sweet arragoste? - a nonna that would share it, too? tell her i can eat 2 big plates full of spaghetti in no time, that i make my own ricotta and mascarpone and always finish my plate, no matter how much food is on there.
i know it's a recipe thats from the south of sicily, as my italian pastry-god who sells these is from there. i promise not to ruin the recipe (i dont want you to become disinherited and not be fed by your family anymore), to hold it dear and close to my heart. it really would be - a dream come true!