8 random facts about me

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sweetheart katie b from other peoples food has tagged me with my first meme. here is a little something how it all works:

"I have been tagged to post 8 random facts. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts: Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves. Tagees should write a blogpost of eight random facts about themselves. At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged. Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged."

promise you will still love me, even after the satin ribbon stuff?

1 i cant stand still. if i dont travel for a month i start to get nervous. i am a saggitarious so that explains a lot. we are always going somewhere - there is always some kind of project on our heads. a lot of people think of me as this super-cosmo-girl - when really for me it is an utter necessity to travel. this is where i find my inspiration for work. strangely enough if i am totally pooped and ready for a break i go to new york. somehow in this busy place that never sleeps i find calm. a trip to union square market, a walk all the way up from battery to central park, a pizza bianco at granddaisy bakery or just the veggie section at whole foods clears my head and brings back all the energy i need.

2 i love baking tarts but hate shortcrust pastry. i hate the consistency of it. it feels like sand on my tongue. but i love working with shortcrust pastry, it's such a wonderful smooth pastry and makes the best base for my favourite tarts. once it's out of the oven i eat the filling but leave the pastry to others at the table (they all cant get enough of it).

3 i love watching greys anatomy. i remember being in the US, when it all started and everybody was so excited about it but i didnt really understand what the big deal was about. until last october when i started to watch it. i then ordered the complete second season on DVD from the US when it was out in december and watched the whole thing in 4 days. then i was flying to amsterdam for new years eve and when i arrived at the airport the lady couldnt find a reservation for me in the system. i watched so much greys, i simply forgot what day it was and showed up a day too late for my flight. i saw the lady from the airline staff the other day. she still remembered me and couldnt stop laughing. how embarassing is that? (i couldnt help and laugh out loud, too).

oh i just love my diet coke!

4 i drink diet coke for breakfast (how bad is that for a food editor?). i hate the aftertaste of coffee in my mouth and cant drink anything warm in the morning anyway. so i will have my diet coke. i love it, its so refreshing!

5 i love satin ribbons. i have a whole cupboard full of it and would carry them home from all around the world. pink and lime green is my favourite colour. i once made some lampshades with satin ribbons and my gay friends still make fun of it. whenever i tell them something about my latest creative project they add "oh and you could always tie a satin ribbon around it". they dont get it. and i think it's a bit sad that my gay friends dont get the cuteness of a satin ribbon. ohmylord gay friends are just not what they used to be!

6 i have been working for the radio since i was 15. i used to be a "youth reporter", then got my first proper job right after college. so i never did the around the world trip with a lonely planet guide and a packpack (this also means i never had to sleep in yucky hostels somewhere in india). when i was 22 i decided it was time to take a break. i took a year off from work and moved to amsterdam. i bought a white bike and made it a rule to eat a piece of applecake with whipped cream every day. it was such a wonderful time i had there - it's been 7 years since i lived there but still think of it almost every day.

the wonderful mr. blahnik

7 my worst and best interview at the same time was with shoedesigner manolo blahnik. you have to understand that he has a very quick mind - i wasnt able to ask him one single question. as soon as i mentioned a name or place he would start telling me what he thought about. i wanted to dress nicely that day (good shoes, that was important), then the airline f*** up my suitcase on the way to london. and i had a horribly swollen cheek from a wisdom teeth that i had to take out the day before. not much to do in the fashion department that day. when mr blahnik entered the room he also had one big swollen cheek from an appointment at the dentist. we couldnt help but laugh. after the (very, very bad interview - i got none of the answers i wanted) we chatted about our love for jackie o. and audrey hepburn (that he refered to as: the adorable mrs. kennedy and the wonderful mrs. hepburn) and probably sounded like the biggest chatterboxes on the planet. but it was such a wonderful afternoon - really my worst and best interview at once.

8 i am obsessed with jaqueline onassis, grace kelly and audrey hepburn. my aparment looks like an audrey shrine with pictures from her all over the place. i love her style and believe she had so much grace. something our heroes from the 80ties (think madonna) were never able to give us. one of the greatest days in my whole life was when i met her son sean for an interview in her chalet in gstaad. the house looked exactly the way she designed it 25 years ago. it is a wonderful innocent place that i will always remember.

my favourite audrey pic

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looking forward hearing about your 8 random facts.