centre piece of the month

oh time flies - another week and july will be history. it's about time i present my latest centrepiece of the month for janelles wonderful event "centrepiece of the month", that she hosts on her lovely blog talk of tomatoes.

this one is so simple and easy, gosh i almost feel like a cheater. i bought some wheatgrass (we call it katzengrass / cat's grass - you know the green suff cats enjoy) and cut it to fit a square vase. some colourful faux butterflies and the centrepiece was done. you could always use round vases - baking dishes even or the tiniest little glasses to fill with some of this grass. butterflies seemed so obvious because it's summer but i did the same at easter once, where i lay some colourful eggs into the grass. easy, quick and cheap. what more can a girl (and her guests) ask for?