for saucy tarts, sweet peas and cupcake lovers

it's been a dream of mine to have my own little apron collection since i was a little girl. there was always something that kept me away from doing it - a busy job, another book project or simply the stack of unread books piling up in my office.
ilva's call to show our favourite apron gave me the last kick i needed to finally spend an evening with my sewing machine. and here it is: my first little collection of once upon a tart - aprons for saucy little tarts, sweet peas and cupcakelovers. more styles and quotes will follow in the future - but i hope my first ones will win your heart.

these aprons are made of high quality cotton & can be washed at a high temperature in the washing machine (to get those raspberries & chocolate stains out!). they are 60 x 80 cm wide and even fit my -rather large- browniebabe hips.

each apron is 20 US $ / 19 euros plus postage (8 US$ for economy, 14 US$ for priority mail if you live in the US / 5 euros for economy, 10 euros for priority mail if you live in europe). if you would like to order an apron, simply e-mail to onceuponatart AT yahoo DOT de. paying is easy through paypal (i will give you all info you need via e-mail).

you can also order a custom made apron with an embroidery of your name (or the one of your favourite sweet pea...). it's available for an extra 3 US $, various colours are available for the embroidery (from orange to black), apron is available in white only, more colours will follow in the future.