i have got mail

i love to get mail. really, it doesnt matter wheiter its just a postcard, a letter or - and this is what i love most - a package. i am lucky to have a job where packets with new books land on my desk on a daily basis which is a perfect way to start the day. packets are a bit like pressies and i cant get enough of it.
i didnt have to think for a minute to join dispensing happyness'es event blogging by mail where i was sent an adress to send my package to the other end of the world. on the other hand i would get a nice package from someone from our foodblogworld. and i did...
the package came all the way from singapore, sent by the lovely murni. oh and it was full of fabulous stuff! marni sent me everything from muruku (speciality snack) to nuts, biscuits with icing and some wonderful tapioca chips (i cant imagine ever eating potato chips again). oh and there were coconut and fish sauces, noodles and kaya spread, which is made with coconut milk, egg, sugar and juice of screwpine leaves. a wonderful spread on toast (and very good if pregnant, at least this is what marni wrote).
marni thank you so much for all the yummy things you sent me! slurp - loving it all!