last minute pasta gone fancy

there is a pasta i love above all others. i can never resits a spagbol, would run a mile for lasagne, but my all time favourite would be cavatelli pugliesi. they are so tiny and soft and lovely and go wonderful with whatever sauce you want to serve it with. i'd even like to think you could serve them with some butter, a dash of freshly grated parmesan cheese and dinner is ready.
mine had to be done quick tonight. i had a day that was spent either in front of the washing machine, the bookshelf (not reading - organising it!) and bedroom (folding t-shirts) and i was just DESPERATE for some food - it better be done in a dash, but still - it had to be a pretty dish with nice flavours and everything. so i just took some fancy dried porchinis and morels out of my cupboard and mixed this little dish together. it's a last minute dish gone fancy!

cavatelli pugliesi

cavatelli is a small, shell-shaped pasta with a rolled edge. the pasta is typically sold refrigerated (but also available as a dried pasta). Some italian-americans in the new york area refer to the pasta as "gab-a-deel" or "cav-a-dell" or gav-a-deel (among other pronunciations) instead of cavatelli. such pronunciations have their origin in various southern italian dialects. cavatelli are made of flour and water. it can also be made more traditionally with ricotta cheese in the dough.

serves one hungry woman

cavatelli pugliesi (or other pasta such as orecchiette)
one small shallot, finely diced
a hand full of fresh brown mushrooms
5-6 dried morells, soaked in hot water
5-6 dried porchinis, soaked in hot water
some finely diced red chilli (optional)
white wine
a generous splash light cream
salt & freshly ground pepper

cook pasta in salted water until al dente.
heat small knob of butter in large frying pan, add shallot & red chilli (if using)and cook until it starts to soften - turn heat up, add fresh brown mushrooms and cook until they start to soften, then add the morels & porchinis (also add the water you soaked them in). cook until water starts to evaporate. then add generous splash of white wine and cook until you cant smell the alcohol any more. add light cream, take off heat & season with salt and freshly ground pepper.
drain pasta, then mix with mushrooms and serve.

the dahlia of course is not to eat. but just so adorable, i cant get enough of it. if you like dahlias but fancy pasta, too head over to ruths blog once upon a feast, she is hosting another week of presto pasta night.