berry wreath (not edible!)

oh my lovelies i didnt mean to abandon you like that. its just been a little - let say - hectic with all the travelling (and a mean jet-lag - oh i am just not made for this!). soon i will be back in the kitchen but try to keep you entertained with another centrepiece of the month (which is also the title of a monthly event, hosted by the lovely janelle of talkoftomatoes - check out her gallery).

this month its all about wreaths. with christmas only a couple of weeks ahead of us (i saw the first christmas deco when i was in new york last week, i am not even kiddin'!) i thought this berry wreath would make a wonderful table presentation.

the best thing about it is that it is made with all things free: ivy, some wild berries, rosehips and some (to me unknown..) greens that grow in the forest and are easy to collect on a nice sunday walk. maybe your garden still has something to offer, too? a wreath is not very difficult to make (see instructions here) and the best part about it: it doesnt have to be perfect at all. the wilder, the better!