browniebabe of the month roundup #3

it was about time... sorry it took me ages to finally crown browniebabe number 3 and put all your wonderful recipes together. there are so many - i dont even know where to begin. have fun and thank you all so much for your patience and effort. please let me know if i have forgotten to include your recipe or if a link to your blog is not working and i will fix it asap.


first brownie came from eva from the golden shrimp and it is a kumquat and yuzu brownie. she works with the wonderful combination of chocolate and orange which just works. good stuff eva!gabi from the feast within was baking some brownies in salt lake city, too and she named them genlemen prefer blondies and brownies. have a look - a wonderful piece of blond and brown cake!
jasmine from confessions of a cardamon addict turned to nigella lawson and her wonderful book how to be a domnestic goddess when she was looking for a brownie recipe. out came a huge amout of penautbutter chocolate brownies that look (and sure hell taste!) fudgy and brownie comes from cat and her blog at the pace of a snail. cat is a brave gal. she lives in manchester, where it was horribly wet and rainy this summer, so she had to wait for a lull in the stair-rod rain to go and get eggs for inclusion in the brownies. good lord! - your efforts paid off: look at these lovely raspberry brownies. thanks cat!
rebecca from the delectable word is a first timer at browniebabe and she baked some fabulous almond butter hazelnut brownies. whooah - good job rebecca and please bake another brownie for us soon, again!
carla from pennsylvania has this blog called chocolate moosey (love that one!) and baked a brownie for this round of browniebabe, too. you gotta have a very sweet tooth for this one but i am sure everyone out there would love to have a piece of this chocolate chip cookie dough brownie.
i love the name of this one - speedilicious brownies (i just have a thing for words that end with -ous...) maninas from croatia baked them for us and the prooves: no more cake mixes. never. again.jen from milk and cookies is one of my all time favourite bloggers. not just because she loves polka dots and stars and stripes like i do. she is a darn good baker, too. look at her chocolate fromage blanc brownies. arent they just a piece of heaven?

cafe fernando was serving brownies, too. cenk called them brownies my way and i sure hell have to say they seem to be my way, too. they are moist and have some pistaccios on top. simple but delicious. and sometimes thats just enought to be perfect.

next brownie comes from luvely ireland - laura from eat drink live baked a blondie for us - actually its a blonde bombshell and i just cant disagree - its a sexy little number.

i just cant resist a creamcheese brownie and abbys brownie definitely set my tastebuds on drool mode. she confabulated in the kitchen and presents us her cheesecake marbled brownies.

meghan from seattle is craving for perfection in the kitchen and while doing so, created these lasagne browines. lasagne and brownies in one recipe. love it, love it!

barbara in italy has a house for sale and did something i never dared to make: she made some brownies in a microwave. check this out:

big mama was another blogger who turned to nigella lawson and her book feast for inspiration. her snow flecked brownies with white chocolate chips. i enjoyed reading her short but true post, where she writes, that she loves to bake for others to tell them how much she loves them. just true, big mama.

you know how you should NEVER mess with texas? - i promise i wont and simply declare jessicas cherry almond brownies wonderful and fabulous and yummy (which they sure are!).

next brownie is a sin. simply sinfully delicious and sweet and pure heavenly excess. maryann in new york is finding la dolce vita in new york and came up with this ultimate brownie recipe. maryann, i am licking my screen this very minute!

chawanmushi from cookbake legacy baked a brownie that is simply a must try for the coming months: its a pumpkin chocolate brownies and i can taste them by simply reading the recipe. wonderful recipe & thanks for sharing with us.

next one is something for caramel lovers: tart reform made these caramel macchiato brownies and if she wouldnt have written it herself in her post, i would have suggested these taste like a starbucks coffee with lotsa caramel in it. why not have a brownie instead of a starbucks in the morning for once?
rose from 64 sq ft kitchen made something that i could never ever do: she baked a brownie without butter. i have to praise her for that, always thinking that a good recipe starts with - at least - one stick of butter and here she bakes a delicous, wonderful looking brownies with juicy cherries and not a single teaspoon of butter. rose - i will have to try this and will have to inform you that my bikini fitted perfectly this summer (thanks to a flu - and therefore no brownies...). good job! thanks loads!

chrissy from and they lived happily ever after asks: how to resist chocolate and cheese? - i'd say: simply dont! she baked a wonderful creamcheese brownie (and put them in tiny cups, what a nice idea!) for us and i must assume with brownies that good her husband must be in heaven with her.

ready for chocolate coma? - the persnickety palate worked on a brownie batter for ice-cream! can you hear me scream?

we are welcoming amy back to our humble little event. she writes and cooks and bakes at nook and pantry and made these very, very hard to resist tiramisu brownies. that one is one for a sunday. too bad today is a monday...

quirky cupcake came up with this wonderful name: memphis flutternutter blondies. its an ode to elvis and since he was the first guy i ever fell in love with (i was 6, he was in heaven already) i must declare this one as a must try. i am sure elvis would have loved it!
another blondie for you and it comes from kristen over at something sweet. its a cinnamon blondie and i am just thinking this one would be perfect as a christmas pressie with the warm aroma of cinnamon in it. a winder blondie, really. (that tastes good with some icecream in summer, too!)
next brownie is one for chocolate and coconutlovers: its canadian baker, too's coconut cluster brownies with gnash. you can make them with or without gnash but of course i like to think, a gnash is a) a fun word and b) something you should simply cover your brownies with.

arfi from homemades made the cutest little blondies: white chocolate brownie. they are so fancy, i would probably not dare to eat them all up - look how cute:

marie from a year at oak cottage sent us the recipe for her favourite brownies: her fudge walnut brownies and i have to admit, this one would make top of my list, too. really all you want from a brownie is something gooey and a little crust that is clearly visible on her pic.

just because they are called nut brownies, doesnt mean that they dont include a serious amount of icing. they come all the way from australia - melbourne larder baked them for us and i have to send her a thank you all the way to down under for this fabulous recipe.

mele cotte joined us before at browniebabes and this time she baked something fancy: chocolate truffle hazelnut brownies. another one to serve your guests on a sunday, what a posh brownie!

next one sounds like an animal, but it a brownie: turtle brownies! they come out of chantelles kitchen in halifax and i am gaining wheight just by looking at them. thanks chantelle!

janet wasnt thinking about loosing wheight when she baked these little cuties: peanut layered brownies. oh look at them. i love the gooey shiny topping. janet, can you hear me scream of joy all the way to canada?

katie from apple and spice mixed the best of her summer cherries into a brownie and out came a black cherry and white chocolate brownie. she recommends leaving them in the fridge overnight, as they taste a little better the next day.
quelia from all things edible said it loud and clear: i wanna be a browniebabe! well - if you can dish up something like this glamourous brownie you sure are a brownie queen. not a babe (at least not this time) but you are queen bee in the browniedepartment, thats for sure!
next one is one for all butterscotch lovers. pamela made these and i just love the way she decorated them. nice job and thanks for sharing!

next one is a smart little cake. rosanne made some incredibly fudgy brownies for us and i would love to bite into it right now. look at the icing!!!

farah baked some nibbles of joy for us, using cacao nibs and turning them into this lovely little cake. thanks farah and hiya to DC!

euniche at lemon almond bakes in singapore and worked with a recipe from the lovely magnolia bakery in new york. oh she did something so good: her macadamia fudge brownies are made with daim. there was a time when i lived on daim - sooooo good!

our browniebabe contest is international as always and our next brownie comes from lovely paris. rachel from R khooks made some wicked chocolate & dulche de leche cheesecake brownies. look at the pic, isnt this just wonderful?next brownie is not too far away from paris - brussels bakes brownies, too! andrea at on food and wine . she usually doesnt bake brownies (she would eat them all up, she sais...) but i am happy she did, because her decadent brownies looks just wonderful.
deborah made some paula deen-blondies for us. ya all know this woman works with loads of butter and puts a generous icing on top of everything. thank god, deborah did the same with her orange blondies.
sarah at foodcite mixed some mints into her brownie and i am sure its a refreshing little number. really like an delicious little after-mint cake, isnt it?

michelle from sugar and spice was working with another ready-made product with her samoas brownies that look all gooey and caramely and wonderful.

meeta was our winner of second round of browniebabes and our queen proved once again she is queen bee in the kitchen. rich chocolate mocca brownies are her entry for this round of browniebabe. good job meeta & thanks for joining our humble little event again.

i love ashleys blog eat me, delicious (what a name!). she baked some dulce de leche brownies for us and the fact that they are from david lebovitz really is reason enough to bake them real soon in your own kitchen.

mila bloggs and bakes in sweden and made some cute coco-loco brownies for us. look at the polka-dot pattern. too cute to be true. they have fresh pineapple and coconut in it too, so really everything to make this a wonderful little cake.
girls i hope you are not out of breath, yet because there is still a couple of brownies to go. lisa's brownies with peanut butter and chocolate icing for example. moist and sweet and just the way a brownie should be.
stephanie at cupcake my love is a dessert-aholic and no wonder she knows how to bake a decent brownie. its a CARAMEL POPCORN BROWNIE. hellooo! how cool is that?
cara at caras cravings proves that a blondie can be an elegant little cake, too. with peaches, cream cheese and everything. lovely!
and if that wasnt enough - she baked another one. here is her pumpkin spice cheesecake brownie (how good will that taste in the coming cold months?)

steph has a whisk and a spoon and bakes a wonderful milk chocolate brownie, too. these have wattleseed in it, too. curious? - head over to her blog to find out.

danya at vegan visitor is has joined us before and thank god she did it again. her drunken cherry brownies are a joy to look at and i bet they just meld on your tongue.

green gourmet giraffe wanted to make this recipe for ever and i am glad she did for browniebabes. chocolate and raspberry brownies a la donna hay. isnt fruit and chocolate just the best combination ever anyways?
carrie is so right. food is not about impressing people. its about making them comfortable, she writes on her blog. i'd be comfortable with a slice of her black and white caramel brownies.
we have mentioned that you should never mess with texas, and texas doesnt mess with brownies eighter. look at roses little number: peanutbutter and fudge brownies with salted peanuts. oh my!

puu promises her brownies are a lifechanging experience and i cant wait to try these once i get a little bored. they are some soft and gooey black forest brownies that make you lick your fingers. thanks puu!

next one is quite a brownie, too. virtual frolic made a flutternutter brownie for us. its got peanutbutter and marshmallows in it, can it get any better than that?
get your french dictionary and head over to cathys blog to read about her favourite US-brownies. look at the beautiful presentation. good job cathy!
ready for wasabi? - li at kitchen musings made some wasabi brownies for us and while i am such a sissy and try to stay far away from wasabi i might give it a go with her recipe. these brownies look so innocent and good - i will just have to give it a go.
did you know you can steam brownies? - check out nicoles brownies! i bet they are moist and wonderful!sheena is the casual baker and lived all over the place but bakes now in paris. junior mint brownies to be correct and i just like them. look how moist they look. yum.austinpie had to turn a brownie into a pie (sure, the name wouldnt make any sense otherwise, would it?). her tropical brownie pie looks so rich and good - boy, i would have a slice of this anytime.oh look at these mocha brownies with sour cream frosting. they come from cafe lynnylu and it just reminded me how good sour cream is in anything baked with chocolate. thanks lynnylu!
mandy is a baker, chococolic, wife and obiously has a very good eye for everything cute. look at this wonderful design on her best matcha cocoa brownie. love it, mandy! just love it!brilynn made me feel homesick for the US, because she put some yorkies (peppermint pattie bites) into her brownies. when i am in the US i make it a rule to start every day with a yorkie fresh out of the freezer. now i will have to bake brownies with it, too!
i finally found some goji berries and wont waste a minute to finally bake a brownie with them. coconut and lime made some goji berry brownies for us and i'll put this right on top of my list. thanks!
just call me suzy lives in the tiniest apartment that was ever built (so she sais) but still managed to bake a marshmallow butterscotch blondie for us. good job suzy!jeremy is back at our humble little event, too and the roasting rambler tried to recreate that black pearl flavour. a couple of spices (that also include coconut and wasabi) were the magic ingredient and just shows how creative a brownie recipe can be. well done jerry!ashley bloggs at delish and made something so simple but so good. a layered cream cheese brownies. ashley do you know that i would go MILES for a cream cheese brownie? - isnt it just the best ever?
here is someting for all your brownielovers out there who dont like them nuts in a brownie. a nutless turtle brownie from carrie's kitchen brownie almost made me cry because it's so cute. the lovely haalo (who is one of my alltime favourite blogger in the whole wide world!) made a brownie for me. look - its in the shape of a heart! never underestimate the design of a brownie, cos how cute is that (and i bet its good as hell, too with this awesome truffle chocolate)? thanks haalo, you are such a sweetie.kate from a way to eat joins our event with a ginger brownie this month. her son didnt like it (he will, once he is a grown up) and sais they are funny. i am sure they are delicious! thanks kate!
another brownie comes from leonie and they are - as she writes - terriblement bon. they have caramelized pecan nuts in it and i bet that makes a wonderful sound when you bite on them.
oh we have come a long way.... how many brownies? 50? 100? its so difficult to pick the best as they are all wonderful recipes and the pictures show the love and time and patience you have all put into your brownies. one is left... one that made it the winner this month. not because it is the most extravagant of all. simply because it was the best-tasting this time. i had it for dinner a few times as soon as it was posted. and i officially declare september the month of the marbled ricotta cheesecake brownie, baked by the talented queen of baking tartelette. (who by the way is not just a very talented baker but also a master in writing e-mails. it takes her only nano-seconds to reply!!) congrats browniebabe!!! i hope you will wear the apron with pride - send us a pic!

everybody else - thank you all so much again for joining and baking such wonderful brownies once again. dont be sad if you didnt win. at the end of the day its all about that sweet little cake that melts on your tongue and just makes you scream of happyness.
lotsa love