weekend herb blogging roundup 101

once again weekend herb blogging is an international-herb-affair. from canada to australia, from spain to london - people were cooking up storms using herbs, flowers and veggies and how about i just shut up and present you this weeks roundup of weekend herb blogging:

the lovely ruth from once upon a feast was first with her entry: marinated feta cubes with fennel and coriander seeds. a wonderful way to please a crowd (and the secret not to go nuts when you have a loads of guests). oh i am sure they taste wonderful in a salad, sandwich or just served with a glass of wine.

tigerfish from teczcape is using napa cabbage this week. if you think cabbage is boring and only for people who are on a diet, check out this recipe, that comes with loads of infos about picking the right cabbage and how to cook it.

another blogger that uses napa cabbage is anna from morels & musings. she makes a kimchi jjigae - isnt just the title worth giving this recipe a try?

i just love kevins recipe: asparagus crepes with mushroom dill sauce. not only are mushrooms and dill a match in heaven, but that creamy sauce just a must-try. check out closet cooking for the recipe.
christine cooks is next, serving a fresh green pea risotto with shiitake mushrooms. i am a sucker for risotto. and if it's got peas in it, just count me in. whenever. wherever.

elizabeth from blog from our kitchen reminded me it was about time i used up all my basil that i still got on my balcony. now with the colder days ahead of us, make sure you keep some of that wonderful summery flavour for winter. read more about her basil and how to keep them in the fridge (see pic) here.

denise from maybahay is using a very interesting veggie this week: chokos! works wonderful in a mash, curries, stir-fries or sauteed with prawns, like denise coooked it for us.

it makes me scream of joy to see the creamy sauce that gattina at kitchen unplugged cooked for us: red bell pepper sauce that she serves with pasta and corn. OHMY! thanks for sharing.

another salad comes from sweetnicks - it's a marinated shrimp salad with green onions, celery and garlic. worth a try is all i can say.
arfi from homemades is taking a closer look at a herb that doesnt have alot of friends around here: parsley. still - her new potato salad with parsley looks wonderful and always remember that one can never have enough potato salad recipes. never!
mike over at mike's table starts with an explanation: he made a tamale pie for us, but: its actually not a pie, more like a tex-mex casserole with ground beef, cornbread and a salsa mixture. easy and quick to make!

kalyn, our mama of weekend herb blogging, is still cooking strong week after week, joinng her wonderful weekly event. this week she made a foil wrapped grilled butternut sqaush with sage. wonderful idea to cook your butternut - now that the pumpking season is about to begin. yay!

virginie from absolutely green made such an intersting recipe: vanielje kitchen makes the most of the last basil, too and made basil ice-cream. read this:And I've just realised what that first mouthful is like...the moment you climb in to bed after a long day, breath in the scent of freshly laundered sheets, lay your head on a crisp cool pillow and sigh: 'Aaaah! I should have done this hours ago....' - i am sure you want to try this as much as i do.

rose made some wicked stuffed eggplant rolls for us. they are filled with a ricotta mixture and i am sure they just taste wonderful. a melt in your mouth-dish, as rose writes in her post.

genie from the inadverted gardener had quite some basil this week as you can see in the picture. and what did she do with it? - a feta basil pesto. what a great idea!

sophie from mosty eating has such a cute blog, make sure you check it out. her baby carrots with plums and chilli is just one of her wonderful recipes (that come with cute pics, too!). thanks sophie - loving it!
from south africa comes our next recipe: bruschetta with basil tomato topping. a simple recipe that just works. at least i could eat that fresh stuff all the time. thanks for your recipe, didi at bloggingherbman.
ready for garlic? - peter is and dishes up a skordalia at this blog pursuit of delicious foods. curious? here is the creamy sauce.

more garlic to come is in the backyard pizzeria's recipe: she uses the "wonderdrug" in her shrimp dish. you know and if you all eat it, then you might even kiss after....;-)

susan is the well-seasoned cook and i would actually run all the way from switzerland to the US to taste her green goddess crab puffs. dont they just look delicious?

key lime & coconut didnt have too much fun this week. see, she is on a diet (i couldnt do it) and didnt find anything fun to eat. then she discovered the seared salmon that she served with chickpeas and tomatoes and capres. looking fun, isnt it? (still... i wont diet!)
haalo from cook almonst anything at least once might be travelling in italy right now, but it didnt put her off cooking for us this week. using chestnut flour and all kinds of fun things like rosemary, almonds and ricotta, she made a castagniacco. how delicious does this look? hm...
also cooking in australia is anh, cooking at a food lovers journey. she is using a globe artichoke this week and cookes a nami-nami made some wonderful apple and flowering quince jam for us this week. isnt it just the ultimate scent of autumn? - the large amout of pectin helps to make a great consitency of the jam. how delicious will that be on a slice of crusty bread?

fresh tomatoes and a splash of vodka is the secret for zorra's recipe: mafalde a la vodka! a summery dish that is also quite nourishing with the chorizo. check out the recipe on her blog 1 x umrühren bitte.
garlic breath is rianas blog (loving the name!) and a green tomato relish her recipe for this weeks WHB. think of this as a green tomato piccalilli.
i am sure this tomato relish is something you could serve with the next recipe: warm chicken, mung, rocket and couscous salad from coffee and vanilla. simple and elegant, it has everything you want from a salad!
clap your hands ladies and gents, we have a first timer: stephanie from what i eat joins us with a recipe for eggplant with basil and feta. just another recipe that just tastes like 100%summer. good job, thanks stephanie!

ready for something to warm your stomach and soul? - jennifer at do you like to cook, cooked a minestrone for us, using savoy cabbage (isnt it just the best?). secret ingredient seems to be a parmesan rind that she cookes with the soup to give it some extra flavour.
oh this one is for me: i got so many zuccinis this summer, i dont even know what to do with them any more. katie from thyme for cooking, the blog, joins us with a recipe for sauteed spinach, courgette/zuccinis and onions. this and a bowl of rice - and i am in heaven!
sra has a blog that is called when my soup came alive, but she doesnt just write about soups. oh-no! this week its all about the pommelos and her memories. read her story and loads about the fruit and how to use it (salad! YUM!)
if you have an eggplant and some green tomatoes in your kitchen, then better head over to burcus blog almost turkish recipes. there you will find the easy but very delicious recipe for this eggplant stew with rice.

this one sounds dangerous: ssssaucy! a vodka drink with applesauce by intoxicated zodiac. sounds like a killer drink - and so easy to make.
mandy from fresh from the oven is using thai basil this week and her recipe prooves once more that this herb is just unbeatable in a stir fry. doesnt this look delicious?
not thai, but normal basil is this weeks herb at dinner in the yellow house. rebeca is making a simple but delicious pesto and i just love the way she keeps it in the freezer.

sher at what did you eat made this stunning dish: artichockes stuffed with shrimp & parsley. doesnt this just look amazing?
i love mias name for her recipe: sexy belgian endive sandwich with white bean spread and prosciutto. endive can be a little bitter, doesnt it. sure not with this sandwich where something bitter and spicy and creamy is squeeezed between a crusty bread. yum!
if you like celery, you might love lovage. kitchemadge uses it this week and tells us a bit about it. she cooked some saussage stuffed lovage - oh this looks yum!

sarah from what smells so good makes the grand finale to this weeks weekend herb blogging: a ginger peach cake. how wonderful is this? - sarah, i am sure this one smells very good! oh, i wish i could have a slice right now!

what a great list of recipes - what a long list of inspiring meals to cook with herbs, veggies and fruit. i hope you enjoyed this weeks weekend herb blogging. please let me know if i have forgotten your entry or if a link to your post doesnt work and i am happy to fix it asap. onceupnatart AT yahoo DOT de. - thanks & happy cooking!