nussheckli - or just a fabulous nut-cookie

dontchaworry, i am not starting the christmas-cookie rave, yet. although i usually cant wait to spend freezing swiss nights hanging around in my kitchen, baking all sorts of christmas cookies, glazing my cinnamonstars and baking my ginger cookies.
i just happened to find lotsa nuts, when i was cleaning out my cupboard this weekend and since they have seen their best days, i just had to use them up in a dash. so here we go with the "nussheckli". swiss word - i am not quite sure what it means, which is a shame because it comes from my homestate of kanton nidwalden (we - of course - like to think we are the real swiss people, since our state is located in the heart of the country. we also know how to play cards, drink beer and our family tree is graced with the name of the holy brother klaus, which is a numer one saint in the catholic church. i am sure there is loads of people from other states that would disagree here... still: we like to think, we are the real mccoy in this country!)
nussheckli can be made with walnuts, hazelnuts or even almonds. whatever nut you got. its done in a dash - and this nutty but very light (can you see the bubbles?) cookie is just heaven in your mouth. enjoy - wherever part of switzerland or the rest of the world you come from.

500g wal or other nuts, chopped
4 eggs
400g sugar
100g flour

heat oven to 180 c°. line two baking trays with parchment paper. mix eggs and sugar until foamy, then carefully add chopped nuts and flour until well incorporated. using a spoon, place mixture on baking tray and bake for 20 minutes until chrisp. let cool on a rack, then serve or put in a cookie tin (they keep for about a week).