centrepiece of the month january

jesus, it's about time i get back into the game of "centrepiece of the month", inveted by the lovely janelle of talk of tomatoes.
so it's winter... foggy... rainy... cold - oh it's a heck of a nasty time. so i tend to spoil myself with flowers - from orchids to roses to tulips. the only flower that makes me feel like spring (where is it? - how many nights will i have to sleep until i can finally go to work in a t-shirt and flipflops?) is a hyacinth with it's strong, sweet scent and it's lovely flowerheads.

a hiacinth is such an easygoing flower. plant a bulp in a pot with little soil or simply place it into a little cute basket like i did, decorate with some small branches, some moss and a tiny snail shell and you are all set. dont water too much - all the power is in the bulb already. depending on how many guests you have at the table make a few and place them in the middle of the table or make one for each of your guests as a little present to take home.

check out sandy's page - she will be posting all the lovely centre pieces of the month.