tete de moine - sandwich

you may have realized by now that i eat everything.... except one: food that comes from the staff restaurant at work. i used to eat there every day. not because the food was delicious or anything like that - no, i felt i had to join my work buddies, give them support, when they served the worst... erm... world famous "pojarski-skewer" (imagine dry meat balls on a stick!) with brown sauce or the "homemade lasagne" that tasted like cardboard. i no longer do the teamwork-thing, at least not when it comes to eating in our cafeteria. instead i bring my little lunchbox along - some fruit - bread - a little chocolate... you know, bits and pieces of really yummy stuff.
here is my latest office-food invention: a tete de moine sandwich.

tete de moine is a wonderful and very recent cheese so you dont need much to get some flavour into your sandwich. you will find more information about it right here. if you live in the states you might find this cheese at stores such as dean and deluca or balduccis.
the combination of cheese and fruit such as apple or pear is a classic and i couldnt resist and also put some walnuts onto the sandwich.

and if i'd get crazy and if i wouldnt have to eat this in between interviews, reading books, typing away on my computer and looking fabulous while doing it, i would splatter this sandwich with loads of runny honey. have a go - i am sure you will love it, too!


bread, such as baguette
4-5 tete de moine cheese rosettes
1/4 apple, in slices
1 tablespoon of mascarpone
2-3 walnuts
some freshly ground pepper
some chive

cut the bread in halves, spread with the mascarpone, garnish with the chive, cheese, apple, walnuts and season with freshly ground pepper.