centre piece of the month april

new month, new centrepiece of the month. i am still into hyacinths - they last for ever, they have an amazing colour and i love the scent (some of my guests almost faint when they enter my apartment but they will have to deal with it ;-).

very simple centrepiece - i filled a big glassbowl with moss (make sure you dust it with some water - using a spray bottle - so its nice and soft) then placed the hyacinth bulbs into the moss and covered them with a last layer of moss so they sit in the bowl nicely.

make sure you put them on your balcony at night - this way your centrepiece lasts for weeks and weeks. you could use other flowers such as tulips, paperwhite or daffodils to make this centrepiece.

you could use any other container to make this - a soup bowl, a fruitbowl - even a wirebasket would be wonderful to hold the moss & flowers.

only water once a week with very little water - it doesnt need much, since all the power is coming from the bulb.

make sure you check out sandy's blog - she is the host of centrepiece of the month.