autumn fruit salad with a beer sabayone

do you know what i love most? - when i can do something really, really fancy... i mean: really fancy - you know top level and all, while i just jot it out of my hipps, as we like to say in switzerland. get all the ah's and oh's while it was really no big deal.
a beer sabayone is such a thing. done in a minute. doesnt require any - and i mean ANY- special talent.
the beer does the trick. you want your sabayone to be all fluffy and soft and airy - so you just add a dash of beer, mix it with two egg yolks and some sugar, add a dash of cinnamon because it goes so well with the yeasty-aroma of the beer. put it on the stove. whisk. whisk again. whisk some more. and you are ready to serve this wonderful little autumn dessert in no time.

the really smart ones among you might stand up here and have something to say about doing the perfect sabayone. how you use a hot water bath to make the real mccoy. how about you just follow my rule (which is not following any) and just put your metal bowl or pan directly on the stove... pulling it away from time to time so the pan doesnt get to hot. - give it a shot. it's heaven in a glass!

for the fruit-salad:

some autumn fruits such as prunes, plums,... really whatever you can get.
some vanilla sugar

destone fruit and cut in small slices, then add vanilla sugar, put in glass bowl, cover with clingfilm and let rest for at least an hour. i like to put it in the fridge because i love the contrast of cold fruit and the warm beer sabayone.
arrange in 4 glasses.


for the sabayone:

2 egg yolks
about 100g sugar
100ml beer
a pinch of cinnamon

put yolks & sugar in a pan or a metal-bowl. whisk until well incorporated. then add the beer & cinnamon and mix again. put directly on high heat, constantly whisking... taking the pan/bowl of the heat... then put back & whisk. you want to add loads of air into the sabayone. then take off heat and pour over the prepared glasses with fruit. serve asap.