beet crostini with smoked trout

so i am not a big fan of beets. chances are you are not a fan of beets, either. beets are the geeks among the veggies: horrible taste but oh so healthy (low bloodpressure! aphrosidiac!). blimey, just the word "beetrot" makes me think of hours in front of an unfinished plate back then when i was a kid. "beet is good for you" is what mother said. and i wasnt allowed to leave the table until i had at least 2 or 3 tablespoons of her beetsalad. the salad was delicious, dont missunderstand me - she made it with a zingy vinegar and added some onions. simple but delicious, just like all the best recipes in this world.

but beets & i - we never really made the dream team.
but then. beets are pink. and what's pink will make it onto my table.
i tend to use the lazy-version of beets and buy them already cooked. so all you really have to do is chop them up or grate them - and you are all done. the only thing you have to figure out is how to hide the beet in your dish, so you wont have all your beet-haters at your table start a riot.

so this one is a perfect recipe for a quick snack when guests arrive but still fancy enough to write home about. you could even turn it into a proper meal when you use larger pieces of bread and top it with more smoked fish. doesnt cause no riot and nothing - and that's a promise!


1 baguette, cut in slices & toasted

2-3 large, cooked red beets
2 apples (take a sweet, red peeled apple), cored
1 generous pinch of fennel seeds
salt & pepper
2-3 smoked trout filets (or smoked salmon), cut in pieces
some fresh thyme, to garnish

180g creme fraiche
about 4-5 tablesppons of horseradish cream (or use half as much freshly grated horeradish)

using a kitchen-mixer grate the cooked beet & apple. season with fennel seeds, salt & pepper. set aside and let marinate for about an hour.

mix the creme fraiche with the horseradish, adding just about enough hoseradish so you get a nice & slightly hot taste.

arrange toasted baguette slices on a board, then top with beet-mixture and top with pieces of smoked trout, then drizzle some horseradish-creme fraiche on top. season with some pepper & garnish with fresh thyme. serve asap!