raspberry lemonade

happy times demand happy drinks. summer is here! the raspberries are simply irresistible and days are best spent outside - hang on the porch (ok, it's a balcony only but a girl can always dream...), read a book. share a laugh. have a sip. raspberry lemonade is perfect for this.

easy as pie & a big hit with my peeps! - all the naughty ones mix it with a drop or two of vodka or white tequilla. i am not the one to argue, it's just that it's only lunchtime over here...


about 250g fresh or defrosted raspberries
juice of 10 lemons
550g sugar
1,5 cold and/or sparkling water
fresh peppermint, to garnish
crushed ice, to serve

mix raspberries, lemonjuice & sugar in a pot and mix very well. you want to punch out all the juice ouf of those raspberries. then strain through a sieve, making sure you get the last drop of juice. then add cold (sparkling) water, mix.
put crushed ice in glasses, then fill up with sirup and garnish with peppermint.

more lemonade bliss over here at smittenkitchen. deb is doing an AWESOME watermelon lemonade.