you were always on my mind marie rose

i always carry trucks of stuff around with me. its either a bag full of books, the 5 pairs of shoes, the usual bikini & towel for the midnight swimm - it's milk and bread and butter and a pack of sugar.
but the most important thing i carry around with me is my "to-do-list". the list doesnt contain anything of the importance of "calling mum to say i am sorry", "report back to boss", "polish bike" or all the other naff stuff one should write onto a list (and really do in life).
nah. my list contains dishes i want to.... - no! - dishes i have to cook.
you'd find a new version of a brownie (cuz really at then end of the day it's all about the brownie) or that meatdish i had at the restaurant that makes me go think: "hell yeah, i can do this myself!" on that list.
with the constant cooking - and most importantly because i am greedy by nature - for my job i can tick off most of the dishes on that list in 1,2,3.
for some reason the "marie rose sandwich" mark never got ticked off. for like months.
i admit, it had alot to do with the fact that there is such a thing called bikini i'd like to fit it withouth scaring everyone around me (also i dont only swimm around midnight...).
marie rose comes with loads of ketchup. and that wonderful thing called mayonnaise. doesnt really match with the word "bikini". for sure.
oh but maybe it was all just destiny - i'd like to think - that i saved this wonderful, easypeasy little dish for today. coming back home from a day straightoutta hell ("calling mum to say i am sorry" still needs to be ticked off) i was in for some good soulfood. just gimme that goddamn bottle of ketchup and mayonnaise and life will be sweet and juicy again.

and when i was just tucking into my marie rose sandwich, with the sauce all over my fingers and running down my chin (cuz that's how it goes, doesnt it?) this elvis song came back to my mind:

*i just never took the time -*
*you are always on my mind.*

thank god for elvis.
and marie rose.
i am sorry it took me so long...

This is an adapton of the original recipe. you'd usually serve it with lettuche and leave out the peppers & cucumber. since i am trying to become a leftover-queen i mixed those veggies into this sandwich. it makes it super-juicy & fresh & also adds some colour!

3-4 hand full of cooked shrip (take the tiny ones)
crunchy bread

for the sauce:
creme fraiche or plain yoghurt
a tiny dash of tabasco
some worcestershire sauce
loads of ketchup
lemon juice
salt & pepper

some red pepper, finely cubed
fresh cucumber, finely cubed

mix all ingredients for the sauce in a bowl. make sure it's all gonna turn out pink & quite ketchupy. lemon juice will make it taste more fresh - add more mayonnaise & the stuff will turn out rich and fabulous. - wash & dry the shrip & add to the sauce. halve the bread, add rose marie-mix, then scatter with pepper & cucumber, then top with remaining bread.
serve with napkins!