blissful baking

ohmagod. i am back in the kitchen. at last! and this time it's for good. i have left my daily job behind (at least for a while...), the one that keeps me cooking all day long but never leaves time to bake or cook my own thing. and then there is this tiny little project of a baking book.
so i had to return; make my comeback. - peeps, i am back!

my dish of the big return had to be an applecake. i had applecake on my mind half of my life. i even moved to amsterdam for a year just to eat applecake every day (nuts, innit?). i have tried many and discovered really, really nice ones. julia child's french appletart - ohmagod, gives you shaky knees and all. dutch apple tart? - tried so very many and finally found one that tasted exactly like the one i ate at villa zeezicht in amsterdam every day.
but there was one applecake on my mind, i never figured out how to make. my mum used to bake it for a while, but of course there was no recipe to be found. she just did it - just shot it from her hips. total intuitive baking - straight from the heart.
it was all juicy inside... the apples embedded in a soft sponge cake with a light and airy coating.

damn, i was on a mission.
and i won!


i nicked it from the lovely deb over at smitten kitchen. she nicked it from someone else, her mother. how wonderful is that? her mother had the recipe mine never wrote down?
so go ahead, nick it, too. and make it your own. it's right here.

PS: i reduced the amout of sugar, because it is really, really alot of sugar she coats the apples in (jewish people just know how to work with sugar, i cant blame them). but it makes the applefilling quite sirupy, so you can use less. also i mixed some quark (or ricotta) with an egg and some vanilla sugar and poured it over the cake to make a nice airy top.