The *I miss New York Berrycake*

Monday was the 4th of july. Friends where ethusiastically posting pictures of BBQs at the beachhouse, lobsterrolls at the Brooklyn Fleamarket, everybody was having cold beers and a jolly good time at the beach. Its crazy how time flies - i thought. Only a year ago i was the one baking pizza and steaks on a grill in the US, sipping a southside at the houseboat, ducks passing by, sun slowly setting down at the horizon. True Bliss!

Damn,  i miss New York!

So this weeks cake had to be an american cake. Not that i searched all my american recipes for it, but while missing that NY-vibe that inspires me so often in life, i simply wondered what i would have brought to that fabulous cake buffett at the beachhouse. It would have been this red, blue, white - kind of star spangled banner cake.

Or simply the *I miss New York Berrycake* as i like to call it.

Dont be fooled by the chocolate genoise sponge - this is actually a quite light and airy cake. Of course one can vary with the amout of cream (i like to believe, the more the merrier!) - but all in all this is just berry galore on a cake.

New York i miss you - hope you are well!


50g butter, melted & cooled (plus some extra for greasing the pan)
200g flour
pinch of baking powder
50g cocoa powder
250g sugar
8 eggs

500ml full fat cream
1 vanillapod, seeds scraped out
a little or a lot of vanilla extract

250g fresh raspberries
200g blueberries
fresh peppermint

grease  and then line two 22cm round baking tins with removable bottoms.
heat oven to 180 °c.

put eggs and sugar and whisk it in your kitchen aid on full whack for about 8 minutes until very light and airy. if you have the nerve you can do this on a bain marie over simmering water and a hand held mixer. it will take about 10 minutes to foam up and thicken. it does take a lot of patience which i dont have, but the genoise will result in a firmer sponge if you do it like this.
then sift the flour and cocoa powder onto the egg-mixture and gently fold in, making sure you bring in all the flour without deflating the mixture too much, then add the melted butter. Divide between the two prepared tins, smooth the tops and bake in the oven for about 25 minutes until a cake tester comes out clean. Turn out onto a wire rack to cool.

For the filling simply whip the cold cream with the vanilla-seeds and -extract.
Using a serrated knive cut the sponges in half horizontally. Fill with the vanilla cream and the berries, finishing with a generous level of cream and berries.

Garnish with some fresh peppermint and keep refridgeated until served.

PS: since i whipped my egg mixture a tad too long (my kitchen aid mixer bowl almost flooded) my sponges turned out extra soft and big. I therefore used 3 layers only, you should end up with 4 layers using this recipe. Feel free to only use 2 layers and freeze the rest of the genoise, it freezes very well for about 2 weeks.