torta di pane

copyright AT verlag

some treats you have to long for. - this cake is such a thing.  sandro steingruber, the talented chef from restaurant EPOCA at waldhaus flims mountain restort & spa, came up with this amazing recipe for a torta di pane (bread-cake). he doesnt only find the aroma of this blend of chocolate and almonds irresistible, but also likes the fact, that you can make something so divine from yestedays bread. also: you have to wait two full days, before you can savor this wonderful cake. two days longing for a cake seems like a torture. not with this one - you'll be giddy happy to cut the first slice!

this is another recipe from our book schweizer spitzenköche für afrika - come and bake with us, for a good cause.


500ml milk
50g butter
1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped out
300g white bread from yesterday
100g dark choclate, roughly chopped
100g candied fruit, chopped
100g sultanas
150g almonds, ground
some drops of almond extract
4 eggs (about 220g)
120g sugar
2 g cinnamon (about 1 teaspoon)
10g breadcrumbs
100g pine nuts
20g butter, soft in flakes

heat the oven to 180 °C.
first combine milk, 50g butter and vanillaseeds and bring to a boil. cut the bread in cubes, then cover with the hot milk. let sit for about 30 minutes. then pure roughly.
mix with chocolate, candied fruit, sultanas, almonds & some almond extract. mix very well.

whip eggs, sugar and cinnamon until light and foamy. then carefully combine with the bread mixture.

butter a springform pan (about 26cm round), then dust with the breadcrumbs. fill in the mixture, sprinkle with the pine nuts and butterflakes. bake in the oven for 70 to 80 minutes.

then have patience and let cake stand for at least 2 days before serving. 
dust with some icing sugar before serving. enjoy!